Markets around the world: Mercat de La Boqueria from Barcelona, Spain

Have I ever stated here that I’m kind of in love with Spain?

If not, well, I must confess that I’m quite fascinated by it.

This year, in May, I visited Barcelona with my boyfriend and some friends and of course that I couldn’t miss the chance to go the famous market La Boqueria.

la boqueria barcelona

For most people, when you say Barcelona, you say Antonio Gaudi and architecture and of course La Sagrada Familia is the supreme emblematic image of this vibrant city, but when I think of Barcelona, I think of sea food, ice cream and the madness from the market La Boqueria and also La Rambla, the famous boulevard. Call me crazy, but that’s how I am, I’ve never been too passionate about art or museums, instead I’ve always appreciated more the vibe that a certain place has to offer. I enjoy my time at a terrace with a glass of wine or bear and some good food much more than I would enjoy being in a museum looking at paintings. Yes, I’ve said it, kill me now!

mercat la boqueria

If you’re planning to go to Barcelona and you’re at least a bit of a foodie, then it would really be a shame to miss a visit in this spectacular market, located in the middle of La Rambla, one of the most touristic places in Barcelona. So yes, it’s true, most people who visit this market are tourists, and prices are high and maybe you won’t find here the most exquisite foods, but still, it’s a place full of color and worth a visit even if you don’t buy or taste anything.

mercado la boqueria spain

I actually visited the market 2 times during my vacation and I also found Mercat Sant Antoni, another big covered market that was being renovated at that point, so all the food stands were in a big white tent. This one isn’t so well known, although it’s not very far from La Rambla, and if you’re interested you should take the Metro/subway to the station with the same name: Sant Antoni and it’s super close from there.

Returning to main topic under discussion here, I feel bound to tell you that there’s a food stand in La Boqueria where I ate a grate plate of sea food: prawns, cuttlefish, langoustines and  squid.

food in la boqueria

My boyfriend – who doesn’t really like fish – had a swordfish “a la plancha” and he said it was the best fish dish he ever ate. Now, leaving aside that moment’s enthusiasm and having tried more fish dishes, he still states that the swordfish is the best.

market in barcelona

So, have you visited La Boqueria? Would you like to?

Please say yes! Please say yes!

Would you like me to tag along?

Again, please say yes! Please say yes!

But seriously, what do you think about visiting a local market while on vacation?


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  1. Hannah November 13, 2012 at 5:31 am Reply

    What a riot of colors and flavors! The heaps of spices and fresh ingredients are so inspiring, I can’t imagine leaving there and not wanting to cook immediately.

  2. raluca007 November 13, 2012 at 8:51 pm Reply

    @Hannah – that was my feeling too. I just wanted to grab everything and just improvise and experiment!

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