Markets around the world: Mercado San Miguel from Madrid, Spain

Almost one year ago, in December 2011, I spent 4 days in Madrid with my boyfriend, before and after our holiday in Tenerife. I must confess that Madrid wasn’t part of our vacation plan, but our flight schedules didn’t synchronize at all so we decided that we will spend some days in Madrid in between flights, and we’ll find something to do once we get there. Still, we were talking about the capital of Spain, not just any small town.

So, a few days before our departure, while browsing the internet for information about Madrid, I found an article about this market. I got really enthusiastic and I was looking forward to go there so we went on our very first day.

mercado san miguel madrid

Mercado San Miguel is the most popular market in Madrid among tourists, since it’s located right in the center, very close to Plaza Mayor.

san miguel market in madrid

Here you can find anything from fresh fruit to clams and oysters, sweets, cocktails, spices and even some wine bars or tapas bars.

fresh fruit in san miguel market madrid

The place was packed with curious tourists, but still I loved every minute that I spent there, I was fascinated by the continuous movement and all the colorful foods being sold there.

green olives in mercado san miguel madrid

On our first visit there we served some tapas with shrimp that were delicious, and the next time, because there was a next time, we chose a paella, which wasn’t great, and a cake, which was good. So although I can’t say the food there is amazing, I would still recommend to go to San Miguel market in Madrid and try something if you’re at least a bit of a foodie, because it’s an experience worth having.

jamon in san miguel market in madrid

At least for me it was.

cakes in san miguel market madrid

Did you visit San Miguel market in Madrid? What did you think about it?


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  1. Ashley October 29, 2012 at 10:41 pm Reply

    I went to Spain about 5 years ago, but I didn’t get to visit this market! We must have passed right by it, because I know we went to Plaza Mayor. I’ll have to check it out when I go back!

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  3. [...] mercato al coperto risale all’inizio del XX secolo, ed anche questo, come gli analoghi mercati europei [...]

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