Friday Flash News – January 11, 2013

Every day on the internet is a new adventure and each day I discover lots of things that are interesting, recipes that I would love to try as soon as possible, places where I’d like to travel, restaurants where I’m dying to go for dinner or lunch or whatever. But still, there’s too much information out there and we need a way to filter it somehow.

friday flash news

That’s why I’m launching today a section on this blog called Friday Flash News, with links towards the most interesting articles I found on the Internet that week.

  1. An alarming article about how up to half of world’s food goes to waste.
  2.  How to Make Bagels: A User’s Manual
  3. I’m a fan of home canning and this article has some good information.
  4. Who says cooking has to complicated? Here are 34 simple recipes with only two ingredients.

That’s it for today!

Do you find this type of article useful?


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