Breakfast idea with cucumber and feta cheese bites

As you may see from the photo, this isn’t an actual recipe.

The thing is that there are so many mornings when I wake up and I’m super hungry but I have no idea what I want to idea. I’m not very good at planning meals so sometimes I open the fridge and just stare. And stare… and continue staring. But nothing magic happens most of the times.

But today I woke up knowing exactly what I wanna have for breakfast. And for me breakfast is very important, because I just can’t start my day right unless I take my dose of energy from this very first meal. I don’t drink coffee, I don’t smoke, so I don’t have anything else to give me a kick. Also, my mom “trained” me from when I was little to always eat in the morning, “Never skip breakfast” she kept saying, so that’s how I am today.



Cucumber and feta cheese bites

So today I woke up craving cucumbers and cheese. And I took a french baguette, I sliced it, then each slice I cut in half again. I placed a nice slice of cucumber over the bread and then I topped it with a small piece of feta cheese.  Small cucumber and feta cheese bites. Simple and quick. And healthy. That’s a bonus.

Have a great weekend folks!


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  1. Li @ Words and Cake April 13, 2013 at 5:41 pm Reply

    This looks like such a healthy option for breakfast – and I love how quick and easy it is. Will have to try it sometime.

    I love your blog and your recipes and have nominated you for a Liebster Award – please check it out!

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